Our motivation is high-quality food, not business.

Ján Šlinský

Vegetables from Agrocrooh are more than just Bio

We grow vegetables full of flavour and nutrients, just as nature has  designed it. During the growing process we respect natural cycles and revitalize the soil. The use of artificial fertilisers or biocides of any kind is unacceptable. The use of heavy machinery is also out of the question.

We are here to break the myths about Bio/EKO/organic vegetables. No certificate ever can guarantee real quality, but when the farmer shakes your hand, looks into your eyes and shows you how he grows the vegetables both of you are about to eat - priceless. In nature, there is no species called Bio or Organic and so we differentiate only between real vegetables and their artificial imitations.

Our philosophy

Nowadays there is a lot of debate in the world about the need for change. Yet it us - final consumers who posess the most powerful tool for creating a better future. It is called free will.

How we make decisions as consumers has a huge impact on the whole world. It seems exaggerated, but let us take the example of peppers. Usually there are two options on the market:


Buy an imitation of peppers, which are available year-round thanks to chemicals. It is grown in monocultural production, nutrition is supplied artificially and leads to complete soil degradation and water wastage. Let's not forget long distance transport and packaging of such a product. Fresh? No way!


Buy peppers from a local vegetable grower, grown without chemicals and in accordance with sustainable agriculture. Translated, this means it was grown in such a way that it is possible to do so in a given place indefinitely. As in a circle. Simply in harmony with nature.

"Vegetables as a wholesome and irreplaceable component of human nutrition mustn' t be produced with poisons, brute force and callous calculation." J.Šlinský

Joining our CSA community to buy the best quality organic vegetables on the Slovak market is easy

How to order vegetables from Agrocrooh?
As a member of a group of regular subscribers. The functional unit of the Agrocrooh system is a small family farm, supplying vegetables to 64 families of 4. In order to be sure of sales, the farmer grows specific vegetables for specific people according to their specific requirements.
Supply balances demand and nothing goes to waste.

It's easy to get into the group. The first step is to fill in the "calendar" without obligation. If you haven't thought about your consumption yet and you don't know exactly how much of each type of vegetable you need, that's okay. Just write down the number of members in your household and the calendar will fill itself in according to the recommendations of nutrition experts.

If you do have a specific idea, you can break it down into details for each week of the year. No obligation. By filling in the calendar you help to create a clearer picture of vegetable consumption in Slovakia and also the creation of new farms. For the farmer considering to take the Agrocrooh path, you will make the decision-making easier and the circle will be closed.