Revolutionary technology for growing vegetables.

Agrokruh technology:

The agrocircle is an agrotechnical bridge moving around a central column. Different types of implements are attached to the implement sling as required, and the implement moves across the bridge, creating a spiral-shaped row. It is powered by an electric motor and, thanks to its lower consumption of electricity and water compared to conventional farming, it allows work to be automated and reduces the manual workload by up to 70%. We are continuously developing further modules to make farming life easier, such as a complex system for preplanting seedlings or a dispensing trolley.

Small Family Farm Concept:

- Small family farm, 2hectares

- 5 arms managing 15 circle-shaped fields

- 24 tones of vegetables per year among 52 species

- feeds 64 families of 4

We Provide

- technology

- agronomic know-how

- business know-how

We want to inspire farmers to follow the path of sustainable agriculture and to make it easier for them we provide proven revolutionary technology, as well as agronomic and business know-how. Let's turn degraded land into fertile agrocroohs! No hard work, we promise!

We focus on soil

Unlike conventional soil cultivation methods, Agrocrooh prevents soil erosion caused by air and water by avoiding use of heavy machinery, which causes soil compaction leading to reduced rate of infiltration and drainage. Simply put, don't look for tractors at our farm.

No artificial fertilizers nor biocides. Undesirable weeds are removed mechanically, dried in the sunlight and their residues remain in the soil, enriching it as a very important organic component.

20 years of development and testing have confirmed that using Agrocrooh technology leads to:

Soil Revitalization
Reduction of Manual
Workload by 70%
Sustainable Agriculture


Vegetables from Agrocrooh are very tasty and nutritious simply because they are grown in natural environment and conditions. Ján Šlinský, author of the Agrocrooh platform, likes to say that his veggies are "more than just organic, they are real".


Farm business model is based on community supported agriculture (CSA). Sales happen within a closed community of regular clients. This allows to form multiple non-competing farms in all regions of the world. Human relationships are strengthened and conditions for agro-tourism can flourish. Thus Agrocrooh represents opportunity to support renaissance of rural life.


Teaching the agroforestry system at the Secondary School will help train a strong generation of farmers ready for the new millennium, which brings changes not only climatic and is already forcing us to re-evaluate our current agrotechnical and agronomic practices. Revitalising the land takes time, and it is family multi-generational farming that has great potential for success in the future.

The development of agriculture can be divided for the layman into the following periods:


Manual tillage with primitive tools.

Livestock used for ploughing.


Use of heavy machinery and chemicals for mass production.

Eliminate or limit chemicals for so-called organic production, still using heavy machinery.

The Future

Sustainable agriculture without chemicals or heavy machinery, the "problem" of which is the high manual and time burden. We have a clear solution to this problem - AGROKRUH.

Author of Agrokruh: Ján Šlinský

He "knocked down" the first version of the mechanical arm on his knee, so to speak, and devoted his life to perfecting it. At the same time, he developed agronomic procedures for the organic cultivation of 52 types of vegetables and herbs, as well as a system for their distribution within a closed circle of regular buyers, which is intended to foster the emergence of quality interpersonal relationships. Healthy soil, good food and strong relationships are the main pillars of the Agri-Circle system.

"To rid the peasant of the mechanical drudgery that is guaranteed in organic farming, and which can eliminate that initial enthusiasm and idealism in a very intense way." J.Šlinský