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Why Agrocrooh?

Ján Šlinský is talking about his revolutionary technology: ”In my circular system of growing vegetables we address several serious problems of standard agriculture. When using my technology, for example, there is no soil compaction- thus we eliminate both air and water erosion, avoid monocultural production, restore water, support the soil microbial life and biodiversity. So we're revitalizing soil and bringing back life to the rural areas.”

On a minimum area of 2ha, we can grow up to 24 tons of seasonal vegetables per year. In Slovakia we are able to grow all commonly available species - tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, watermelons, root vegetables or herbs. Total of 52 species, all without applying any chemicals at all.”

Nobody wants to work hard.

"As a professional vegetable farmer, I know how strenuous it is to work in the fields. I graduated from the Faculty of Horticultural at Mendel University in Brno and have been growing vegetables since 1984. Nobody wants to work hard every day in the fields anymore. Neither do I. That's why I invented and built this gantry cultivation technology that can manage 2hectares of land with a two-man workforce. Up to 70% of the work is done by technology and I suddenly have time for other activities. That doesn't mean I don't have to be physically on the farm, but I even could do some IT job while working in the fields. If I knew how." (laughter)


Support of Microbial Soil Life
Support of Biodiversity
Water Restoration
Reduction of Manual Workload by 70%
Lower Water and Electricity Consumption in Comparison to Standard Soil Cultivation Practices
Intelligent Robotization
Automation of routine work
Easy Maintenance
Sustainable Agriculture
Tasty and Healthy Vegetables

Gantry tool carrier:

An important and essential part of the agrocrooh technology. The technology consists of a frame - a swivel bridge deck, one end is anchored in the ground and on the other end, there drive unit, which rotates the arm around this support.

On the gantry there is a movable tool hinge, to which it is possible to hang tools developped specifically for this purpose. Simply, imagine a large-scale rotating "arm" which, after having attached special tools adapted to the requirements for organic vegetable growing to it, can sow, plant seedlings or potatoes, mulch, cultivate and water the soil and many other tasks. Simply, it can do 70% of manual work for you.

"We eliminate both air and water erosion, avoid monocultural production, restore water, support the soil microbial life and biodiversity. Basically we revitalize soil and bring back life to the rural areas." J.Šlinský

Technical specifications:

The frame is 18m long and manages 3 circle-shaped fields - you can switch the frame between the circles as needed. The basic unit of the concept  is a Small family farm using 5 agrotechnical gantries-frames, which together are able to manage 15 circular fields - agrocroohs on area of 2ha.

Other modules:

complex seedlings pregrowing system

special delivery truck

cellar for storing vegetables

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